Greeting Cards

It’s so important to reach out to those you love with a real, live, snail-mailed card – especially these days! Emails and online video greetings are fine, but there’s nothing like taking the time to hand-write your sentiment and put a stamp on it…so why not have some good ones on hand?

Both my photo cards and pen & ink & watercolors have proven to be favorites. Less expensive than the generic Hallmarks, with my cards you’ll have fun mixing and matching! NOTE: Most cards appear in more than one category. Here’s an ORDER FORM.

FIVE CARDS FOR $16.00 • TEN FOR $30.00 (+ shipping*)

Simple Sayings
Cards for These Times

Occasions & Holidays
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations, New Baby, New Home, Holidays

Sending Love
Illness, Sympathy, Friendship, For Lovers, Thank You’s

Quotables | Photo Sentiments

+ SHIPPING: 5 cards=$5 |10 cards=$5.75 | 15 cards=$6.75 | 20 cards=$7.25 | 21-41 cards=$8.55
Free delivery of 10 or more cards can be arranged for local orders (Santa Rosa, CA area). Here’s an ORDER FORM.

In case you can’t tell, I LOVE making cards…so if you have an idea for a card or a particular sentiment not represented here, let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with!


“The cards arrived today and they are fantastic! I hope you stay in the card biz because I’ll soon be ordering more. Very clever and colorful.”
– N. S., Louisville, KY

I really love the style and artwork of your cards and your mission to promote goodness and positivity: so needed, maybe now more than ever.” 
M. C., Portsmouth, RI

” [This assortment] will help me write cards for occasions when I sometimes think about it and then don’t have anything on hand, or the time to get out to buy some.”
– G.V., Ojai, CA

“Your cards arrived today… thanks so much! Beautiful.”
B.M., Fort Bragg, CA

I am always checking out cards and look for quality and unusual ones. You still make the best cards! I haven’t found any as good in Chicago.
T.R., Chicago, IL