Why “See the Good”?

SEE THE GOOD, the broad theme of all my work, is a reflection of my world view: that what we focus our attention on we get more of. Therefore, I hope my work will make you smile…And if one of my artworks on your wall at home will keep you smiling, please consider a purchase! 

I have always been an artist and a spiritual seeker, but it was a sad and humbling life event in 2000 which led me to intensify my spiritual search for personal empowerment and the joy I try to experience every day of my life.

Although I have been influenced by countless books, teachers, and workshops, primarily it is my understanding of the Law of Attraction (especially the teachings of Abraham-Hicks) that has led to my peace and happiness. 

In a nutshell: This is a vibrational Universe that operates through the over-arching Law of Attraction. We are powerful creators. Make peace with where you are, and reach for the best feeling thought or activity you can from where you are. Though not always easy, it is an exceedingly simple teaching. While we do not have the power to direct anyone else’s life or the circumstances of the world, we can choose our reactions to things in the moment, soothing ourselves in the present and vibrationally creating more positive outcomes — for ourselves and for the planet — in the future.  

There is a huge Source of Good that knits this Universe together and when we consciously choose to relax and “let go of the oars of the boat on the Universal Stream of Well Being,” it is amazing how perfectly things work out — or not! A deep belief in the Goodness of All That Is, knowing that I am the Creator of my own life, and utilizing this powerful Law, have led me to the greatest inner peace and happiness I’ve known. I am also extremely grateful for the Centers for Spiritual Living, which teach our Oneness and our personal Creative Power. I was a member in NJ and now attend one in Santa Rosa, only a mile walk from my house.

I share my spiritual beliefs through my artwork, whether overtly or not. And it is so rewarding to see how many people resonate with these ideas nowadays! 

Creating art is fun for me, and though the medium and the style I work in may vary, I hope you will feel this positive vibe reflected in all my pieces.